Fibre has long been recognised as one of the types of food ingredients that works best in the body to maintain bowel regularity and prevent constipation. Because it improves bowel movements, it can also be used to treat and manage chronic diarrhoea. By consuming fibre transit time is reduced and results in a more thorough evacuation of waste materials. It is thought to improve all aspects of colon function.

Fibre is found only in fruits and plants. It is an indigestible complex carbohydrate and, therefore, adds negligible calories to your diet. There are two main types of fiber, water-soluble and insoluble.

Both types of fiber are required in the daily diet, in the recommended ratio of 3:1 insoluble fiber to water-soluble fiber.

Water-soluble fibre

Water-soluble fibre is found in oat bran, legumes, psyllium, nuts, beans, pectins, and numerous fruits and vegetables. It forms a bulky gel in the intestine that positively affects the flow of waste materials through the G.I. tract.

Water-soluble fibre can lower cholesterol by preventing the reabsorption of bile acids. Bile acids are made from cholesterol, and after they aid fat digestion, fibre binds with these acids and carries them out of the body. The liver then has to pull more cholesterol from the blood, lowering the count of the not so good type.

Water-soluble fibre can also stabilize blood sugar by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrate sugars into the blood. This can lower your blood sugar levels. Researchers have found that increasing fibre intake results in a decrease in the body’s need for insulin. Psyllium supplementation, in particular, has been shown to improve blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Insoluble fibre

Insoluble fiber will not dissolve in water, and so our bodies cannot digest it. This type of fiber includes the parts of plant walls that cannot be dissolved. It is found in greatest amounts in cereals, brans, and vegetables. The primary function of insoluble fibre is to collect water to increases stool bulk in your large intestine. This improves bowel movement, and as the bulk works through the intestine, it scours the intestinal walls of waste matter, reducing the risk of colon-related problems.

Fibre in the diet

In 2001, the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine in the USA established an Adequate Intake (AI) recommendation for total daily fibre intake. People 50 years of age and younger, the AI recommendation for total fiber intake is 38 g/day for men and 25 g/day for women. For people over 50 years of age, the recommendation is 30 g/day for males and 21 g/day for females.

Studies have found that in countries where high-fibre diets are consumed, the incidences of colon cancer, appendicitis, and diverticulosis are very low. Industrialized countries, which largely have diets high in fat and sugar and low in fiber, increase the risk of these diseases.

Because fibre is low in calories, it can be added to your diet, providing a greater feeling of fullness while only marginally increasing your caloric intake. The fibre found in fruits and plants serves as a source of complex carbohydrate, which most nutritionists consider to be a healthy choice. In addition, fiber’s ability to stabilize blood sugar may also curb the desire to snack. In other words, you may find yourself eating less. This is beneficial in weight-loss programs.

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