AIM Product Datasheets

Here is a selection of all our Product Datasheets – they are split into Australian Shipped Products and NZ Shipped Products.

PDF Datsheet: Click the Image or the Purple Button!
Product Shopping Page: Click the Product Thumbnail below each sheet!

Australian shipped products

herbal fiberblend PDF
BarleyLife PDF
Bear Paw Garlic PDF
Cocoa LeafGreens PDF

Whole Body Health

AIM CoCoa LeafGreens

Composure PDF
FloraFood PDF

Digestive Health

AIM FloraFood

Garden Trio PDF

Whole Body Health

AIM Garden Trio

Just Carrots PDF

Whole Body Health

AIM Just Carrots

LeafGreens PDF
Mag-nificence PDF

Whole Body Health

AIM Mag-nificence

ProPeas PDF

Weight Management

AIM ProPeas

RedRush PDF

Products shipped from New Zealand


Heart Health



Bone & Joint Health


CellSparc 360 PDF
CranVerry+ PDF
Fit 'n FiberPDF
Frame Essentials PDF
GinkgoSense PDF
GlucoChrom PDF

Weight Management

AIM GlucoChrom

Herbal Fiberblend PDF
Herbal Release PDF

Digestive Health

AIM Herbal Release

Para 90 PDF

Digestive Health

AIM Para 90

Peak Endurance PDF
PrepZymes PDF

Digestive Health

AIM PrepZymes

Proancynol 2000 PDF

Whole Body Health

AIM Proancynol 2000

ReAssure SP PDF

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